SEC Newgate Polska provides communications services for the Polish Association of Plastic Manufacturers (PZPTS), an industry organization comprising companies whose products are ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

Due to their sealing properties, plastics serve as a perfect barrier to protect against infection, which proved particularly useful during the pandemic. But plastics also have a number of other useful properties required in various sectors such as automotive (lower weight of automotive components and thus lower emissions), construction (pipes, windows) and medicine (single-use syringes, packaging for medicines or blood).

But one of the biggest challenges faced by the world economies nowadays is effective waste management in the spirit of a circular economy to raise the waste recycling rates. The groundwork for this process should be laid by the new legislative regulations which are underway in Poland. Currently, three new legal acts are at different stages of the legislative process in the Polish Parliament: first, a bill on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR); second, a bill implementing the EU Directive on Single Use Plastics (SUP Directive), which imposes a ban on production or use of certain single use plastics; and third, a bill introducing a deposit system under which a deposit will be paid by the user of plastics packaging that can be redeemed by returning the packaging to the producer for recycling and reuse. As a stakeholder in the legislative process, PZPTS has a vested interest in the final shape of those regulations and wants to ensure that the new waste management model created by them will not only be effective in protecting the environment but also economically viable.