Back in 2016, we joined the international communication group around the Italian PR agency SEC, which subsequently merged with Porta, giving rise to the global strategic communications group SEC Newgate. Since then, we have been part of one of the Top 30 groups in the world offering a comprehensive range of strategic communications services.

Now we are opening a new chapter in our history as soon Martis Consulting will start operating as SEC Newgate Polska. It is a necessary but important step towards ensuring greater consistency within the Group – not only in actions and common values we embrace but also in identification and organizational culture, which is a crucial element in building brand identity.

Despite the change of the Company’s name, however, the Team of SEC Newgate Polska remains unchanged. Apart from the new names of their positions, all our experts, who have supported our Clients in their communication for many years with their knowledge and expertise, will continue to work in the agency.